What are Varicose Veins Treatment? Varicose Veins Treatment Singapore

Veins are responsible for carrying blood to the heart from all the other vital organs. After these organs consume all the oxygen in the blood, they replace it with carbon dioxide which is then released. After the blood is returned to the lungs through the veins and cleaned of all the unnecessary carbon dioxide, the lungs will enrich the blood with more oxygen that is then carried through the entire body, and the process repeats itself.

Veins are equipped with valves that ensure the one-way blood flow, and they are essential for making sure that the blood gets rid of all the toxic waste (the carbon dioxide in this case). Also, it is the role of the valve to make sure that blood flows against the gravity force, thus allowing blood to climb up to the heart. The heart plays a vital role in the entire process, as it is the organ that pumps the blood and ensures it travels correctly through the body, providing valuable nutrients to all the other organs and tissues.

When blood does not flow properly because of valves malfunctioning, patients suffer from diseases such as chronic venous insufficiency. Many of the venous diseases are associated with the leg veins such as leg ulcers, spider veins, varicose veins and gangrene. Sometimes the diseases such as deep vein thrombosis are not easily detected, requiring thorough vascular diagnosis.

Depending on your health conditions, the vascular specialists at our clinic in Singapore offers a range of treatments. For varicose veins treatments, we offer the following services.

For a customised treatment for your health conditions, make an appointment with our vascular surgeon at our vein clinic today.

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