Why Is It Important To Have An Eye Examination? 

An eye exam is of utmost importance for detecting potential eye conditions, given the fact that our eyesight is one of our most valued senses and we need to take care of that. It is perfectly normal to experience some degree of vision loss as we age, but it is very important to have our eyes checked on a constant basis, in order to identify and address potential eye conditions while they are still in incipient stage.
There are certain eye conditions that have no signs or symptoms whatsoever and that can only be diagnosed by a professional, after a thorough eye exam. Diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma are two of them – it is important to have them diagnosed as quickly as possible, to slow down and even reverse the progression of these conditions. 

When Should You Consider Getting An Eye Examination?

Regular eye exams are essential both for children and for adults – if you have a child who is 5 years old or younger, then his eye doctor will check for common eye conditions amongst children, such as crossed or lazy eyes. On the other hand, adolescents are recommended to have their eyes checked at least once every two years, or whenever their eye doctors says they should – in some cases, if you have a family history of eye disease, your doctor will recommend more frequent eye controls. With myopia becoming more prevalent in Singapore, it is important to have regular eye checks to ensure the quality of your life.
Adults are the most susceptible ones to eye conditions, and some of them are accompanied by symptoms like dry, itchy eyes, floaters, pain in the eyes or distorted vision. This is why adults should have their eyes checked regularly, and those who wear glasses or have certain medical conditions (such as diabetes) are at higher risk of eye disease. Your doctor is the only one who can tell you precisely how frequently you should come for an eye exam, and it often happens that these exams are accompanied by regular follow up screenings, if your eye doctor diagnoses you with any eye condition.

The Importance Of Choosing A Good Eye Doctor

It is essential to choose an experienced and licensed eye doctor who has the skills and the knowledge that are important in this field of activity. For instance, Dr. Vish is internationally recognized for his notable achievements as an eye surgeon, and he also runs a private practice as well. Dr. Vish is very active in the education and training of soon-to-be eye surgeons and he has also taken part in numerous international conferences designed for eye doctors, such as the ICO or the ASCRS.
Dr. Vish has managed to make a name and a reputation for himself as an outstanding cataract surgeon, and he has performed numerous surgeries on patients who suffer even from the most difficult and advanced cases of cataract. At the same time, he has dedicated his time and his work to helping other fellow surgeons improve their skills, and he has also brought his contributions to various chapters in some of the leading textbooks written on cataract surgery
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